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No picture available Chassis No.1290  Owner unknown
Location: Victoria, Australia

Reported exported from USA to Australia by R. Bradley in February 1999.

Chassis No.1292 Chassis No.1292  Mike Ryan
Location: Illinois, USA

Owned by the same family since 1970s - reported by Tom Householder.

KSJ 153 at Silverstone Chassis No.1294  Sonia Svensson
Location: UK

KSJ 153 was found in August 1993 by David Mann (the present owner's father), stored in a private garage where it had been awaiting restoration for around 20 years.
"The owner of the Doretti had obtained it as payment for a business debt. As found it was a complete basket-case with the engine removed and partly stripped. Most of the fire-damaged aluminium body panels had also been removed, and the trim, instrument panel and the bumpers were missing. However the chassis was basically sound. The complete restoration took 5½ years, all of the work being carried out by myself, including trim and paintwork, except hood, tonneau and the leather sear covers. On completion an age related registration KSJ 153 was issued by DVLA." ...David Mann

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