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Chassis No.100-RH in 1967 Chassis No. 100-RH 
Location: UK

717 CRE first registered 8th May 1954. Used as the factory race car.
When the the car's rebuild gets underway, further information will be documented.

Chassis No.1425 in New Zealand Chassis No.1425 
Location: New Zealand

584 DHU first registered in December 1958. Reported to have been built after production officially ended, for the daughter of a Tube Investments director.
More information in John's own restoration article A Personal Project .

Chassis No. SKD-146x7 Chassis No. SKD-146x7 
Location: UK

720 CRF was first registered on 20th June 1954 and according to Gerard, who bought the car in 1972, it seems as certain as anything can be that 720 CRF was Frank Rainbow's personal car. The chassis plate on the scuttle shows Chassis No.SKD146X7, Body No.SAC 105X7 and Engine No.TS4E. For more information about 720 CRF read Gerard's own article.

Chassis No. JW-1 Chassis No. JW-1 
Location: UK

223 DTC first registered 5th October 1957. Built by Jim Williams in Manchester from a chassis and parts obtained from the factory after production ended. Details of the car's history can be found in From Scorpion to Swallow written by Jim.

Swallow Doretti - V-8 conversion 393 EVE, ESL 146 and RLL 280
Location: Norway

TG 1000 was this car's original registration number in 1956. The car was built from from a chassis and parts obtained from the factory or Monkspath Garage after production ended.
Some details of its history and restoration can be found in A V-8 conversion.

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