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Chassis No.1181 Chassis No.1181
Location: UK

STT 24 now owned by Anthony Hamilton was bought from Dieter Kramer in November 2018. Another previous owner was Eddy de Heus of Loosdrecht in Holland who bought the car from Jill Royle in July 2000. Jill Royle, (daughter of Sir Ivan Stedeford chairman and managing director of Tube Investments) bought No.1181 from Bob Lock in July 1995. Jill subsequently became the owner of HRF 60, a Mark II Doretti. An article and some excellent pictures of both Swallow Doretti sports cars appeared in the August-September 2001 issue of Triumph World magazine. Dieter Kramer also owns Chassis No.1042 which is another ex-Eddy de Heus vehicle.

Bob Lock, a previous owner, restored No.1181 after discovering it in 1989, tucked away in the back of a garage in Swansea. The car was in a very delapidated condition and had served as the sleeping place for a Doberman (and also it's toilet). At the time Bob owned and drove a Triumph TR4 which he had to sell to make room for the Doretti as he only had a single garage. Bob's wife thought he was mad when he got the car home because it was stinking of dog poo and old oil. However, Bob knew it was a rarity and well worth the trouble of restoring. Six years later after a complete body-off restoration he was finally proved right, but it was a long, hard six years. ...Thanks to Bob Lock for this information.
More pictures of the car appear in A Doretti in the Dordogne

No picture available Chassis No.1182  Peter Hall
Location: South Africa

Two years ago Peter started rebuilding the car which he has owned for many years.

No picture available Chassis No.1184  Colin Shirley
Location: UK

OTR 374 a BRG vehicle with black upholstery and wire wheels was first registered 30th April 1955.
During the 1950s the car was owned by Mr. King and then later by C.N. Morell.

Chassis No.1186 Chassis No.1186  Owner not known
Location: UK

RUP 516 - may still exist - last reported owner Geoff Holding.

Chassis No.1181 Chassis No.1189  Alan Gibb
Location: UK

362 ERE was purchased by Alan in 1972 but he only started the major rebuild in 1994. More information and pictures of the car appear in Chassis No.1189 and Long Term Restoration.
Alan is also the owner of MSC 77, Chassis No.1202.

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