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Swallow Doretti Price Guide

The price guide will give you an indication of the value of a particular car. However there is not a specific set of criteria governing the valuation of a car or its purchase price. Many factors influence a car's value apart from its overall condition; e.g. whether it is right or left-hand drive or has been converted from one to the other. Possession of the original registration number and documentation is very important. Original logbook(s), old MoT's, a current V5 document and MoT test certificate will add value, while a full and unbroken service history will also greatly enhance the price.

Guide prices are quoted according to the following descriptions.

  • Restoration
    Totally neglected and some trim items missing, but should be complete with engine and transmission. Complete restoration required. Little or no history, many owners and indeterminate mileage.
  • Complete
    Tatty condition but a running car with functioning mechanics and weather equipment included. Some restoration necessary. Little history, many owners, indeterminate mileage.
  • Good
    Complete and original needing only minor restoration and in good mechanical order. Paint and trim may look tired. Reasonable history/service record. Would make excellent club car.
  • Excellent
    Low original mileage or else had a full high-quality restoration. Mechanically sound and needing no repairs. Panel gaps, paint finish and interior all near perfect. Considerable history, including restoration records. Needing little work to elevate to concours standard.
  • Concours
    Must be supported with full history and/or restoration details, plus proof of awards. Impeccable in every detail, including original small tools and extras. Panel fit, under bonnet detail, trim and underside must be immaculate. The car must drive perfectly as well.

Prices are in Pounds Sterling ().

Swallow Doretti 1954-55
Restoration Complete Good Excellent Concours
700 to 1500 3500 to 5000 5000 to 8000 9000 to 14000 14000+

The Swallow Doretti Page does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the prices quoted.

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