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Based on my records, all Swallow Doretti production cars appear to be left-hand drive until Chassis No.1075 (533 CRF) and Chassis No.1076 (171 ERF) which were both initially registered as company cars. The next right-hand drive cars were the two road test vehicles Chassis No.1087 (609 CRF) and Chassis No.1088 (610 CRF). Onwards from Chassis No.1097 until Chassis No.1292, production consisted of right-hand drive cars with just a couple of exceptions.

Originality enthusiasts may be interested in the following observations.

Triumph TR2 engines fitted to the first batch of production Swallow Doretti cars, up to Chassis No.1050, were numbered in the range TS 247E to TS 1160E. All subsequent cars were built with engine numbers as high as TS 5699E.

The factory race car, registration 717 CRE, Chassis No.100-RH, was built with Engine No. TS 1E according to the continuation logbook.

Frank Rainbow's prototype development vehicle, registration 720 CRF, was Chassis No. SKD-146X7 and was originally fitted with Engine No. TS 4E. Interestingly the vehicle's logbook shows the body number (SAC-105-X7) as the chassis number.

Engine No. TS 6E appears to have been installed in Chassis No. SAC-105-X1, supported by information stamped on a brass chassis plate, advertised on the internet a few years ago. This plate may have originally been attached to the Doretti show chassis used for the January 1954 Los Angeles launch of the Triumph TR2 and the Swallow Doretti.

The evidence seems to illustrate that there must have been an extremely close working relationship and co-operation between Sir John Black of Standard-Triumph and Eric Sanders, managing director of the Swallow Coachbuilding Company.

Compiled: Ken Yankey 18-12-2020

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