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Chassis No.1158    TTU 455

Owner: Ken Yankey (UK)

Swallow Doretti, Chassis No.1158

TTU 455 Chassis No. 1158
This vehicle was a pale blue Swallow Doretti first registered TTU 455 on the 9th November 1954 at the Castle in Chester by K.P. Thompson & Company of Liverpool. However the original buff logbook notes that the car was kept in Bramhall, Cheshire more than twenty miles away.
In January 1955, less than two months later, the vehicle was acquired by Lionel Bellsham-Revell of Sidcup, Kent, who appears to have retained the vehicle until it was purchased for £575 by David Wynn-Smith in July 1959 from Performance Cars Ltd. of Brentwood, Middlesex.

Swallow Doretti, Chassis No.1158

Swallow Doretti, Chassis No.1158 At this time David Wynn-Smith, a talented television engineer, lived in Crumlin, Monmouthshire, but re-registered the vehicle in Middlesex in 1960 and changed the colour to Dark Green. In January 1962 the car was registered in Hertfordshire and had another change of colour to Ivory in May 1962. When I acquired TTU 455 in May 1990 from Wynn-Smith he was living in Boreham Wood and seemed to have collected a number of Doretti sports cars over the years. The vehicles include 60 HRF (the Mark II Sabre), VPP 915 and NBY 546 (Chassis No.1190) bought for spares. Ann Wynn-Smith, his wife owned KBK 500 (Chassis No.1176) written off in an accident.

My first sighting of TTU 455 was in 1990, when I was collecting information about the marque. At this time David owned TTU 455 and VPP 915 (Chassis No.1144). The partially dismantled TTU 455 awaiting a rebuild looked rather forlorn. David said he was seriously considering selling the car as the garage had to be re-built and he was sure he would never find the time to work on the car. A year later I received a letter asking if I was interested in buying TTU 455 - of course I said yes.

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