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Chassis No.1147

Chassis No.1147

Around 1963 John Hackett bought PON 419, a blue Doretti with a black detachable hard top. The car was purchased in Worcester from the Colemore Depot, owned by the Managing Director Mr Hessell. The car was in excellent condition body-wise but unfortunately someone had rebuilt the engine and replaced one piston. However the engine burnt a lot of oil and was down on power. Being an engineer John stripped the engine down and then threatened the garage with court action because of the faulty motor. He was provided with a new engine which he collected from P.J. Barker in Lowesmoor, Worcester the local Triumph dealer. John used PON 419 on a day to day basis for some two years but when he got married the car had to go. So reluctantly PON 419 was sold through Worcester Car Auctions in 1965.
  ... John Hackett - 20th Jan 2007

"PON 419 is owned by my daughter, Josie Bishop, and not by me. It is her everyday car and, after a comprehensive overhaul of all the minor bits, has run faultlessly (except for a battery and an overdrive) for nearly 3 years, winter and summer. It is not garaged, and has lived in Leeds (at University), the Midlands, and (currently) Southend.
Externally it is really beaten up. During all of Josie's ownership it has never had bumpers, grille, chrome strips, door handles or wheel trims. Recently I fitted some old bumpers and irons off of an unknown donor vehicle. Mechanically it is superb and Josie covers around 12,000 miles a year."
 ... Tim Bishop - 9th Nov 2001

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