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The V-8 conversion of a Doretti - by Richard Larter

Swallow Doretti This post production Doretti was constructed from parts bought from the factory or Monkspath Garage. It has no chassis number and long non-standard doors which incorporate the sills. The car was originally registered as TG 1000 in December 1956 and then registered as 393 EVE in 1973. In 1991 the partially dismantled car was bought by Ken Yankey from Colin Bray and eventually sold to me as a restoration project in 1997 after being re-registered as ESL 146. The car is presently registered with the DVLA as RLL 280.

Swallow Doretti with 2.5 litre Daimler V8 engine The chassis was repaired, powder-coated and fitted with uprated suspension. Rack and pinion steering along with a TR4 axle were also installed. The original TR2 engine had suffered a major seizure so a 2.5 litre Daimler V8 engine and an overdrive gearbox were substituted. Frank Rainbow would have approved.

Swallow Doretti with rack and pinion steering

The body was in good condition with little rust but also no trace of the original red paint. Because the panels had been shot-blasted the consequence was that nothing fitted, a nightmare. The car was finally painted in 2005 and passed its MOT inspection in 2006 after nearly nine years - where did the time go?
And it's still not trimmed!

Thanks to Richard Larter for the information and pictures.

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