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  September 2007    No.33 Equipo Doretti


The flood conditions severely affected the attendance at the International Weekend, but the enthusiasm of Doretti owners was clearly shown by an impressive illustrated display in the main hall. An un-painted car and a Swallow Gadabout scooter were accompanied a red, white and green Doretti trio.

CRF 609, Chassis No.1087 the 1954 Motor road-test vehicle that was proudly displayed at our 50th anniversary celebration by Albert Norrington was the first to arrive on a trailer. After a disastrous accident last year the car is now in the capable hands of Paul Webb undergoing a total restoration and the unpainted body-shell attracted many viewers. Thank you to Paul for the all hours and the hard work involved in mounting the display.

Robert Haden and Mike Nangreave, co-owners of UVK 775, No.1196, brought their car from Bristol resplendent in its newly finished paint job. The metallic BRM BRG paint really suited the lines of the car. Robert has recently sent me a couple windscreen rubber seals and he is willing to order more from the USA, please let me know if you are interested.

Alan Gibb (362 ERE, Chassis No.1189) turned-up around noon on Saturday despite being stranded by the floods on Friday night. I can imagine that spending the night sleeping on the floor of a leisure centre in Leominster is not the best way to start a fun-filled weekend after driving down from Aberdeen. Another stalwart, Peter Lockley (NBC 742, No.1200) also joined us for an enjoyable dinner on Saturday evening in Malvern after he attended a wedding elsewhere in the afternoon.

Bernd Amling (Chassis No.1053) a keen Doretti owner from Germany finished up sleeping in his car on the M5 between Gloucester and Tewksbury and turned for home when he heard that that the show had been cancelled on the Saturday morning. Bernd has recently sent me some pictures of his modified Doretti rear suspension. The conversion is based on an adapted TR2 set-up that uses telescopic dampers instead of the lever-arm shocks. Some cutting and welding were involved but he reports that it was definitely worth the effort.

It is with great sadness that I report the death of Simon Harvatt (LDN 500, Chassis No.1127). Simon had only bought LDN 500 from Norway a few years ago but I hope he got pleasure from his brief ownership. For a short time he was also the owner of Chassis No.1052, a badly damaged LH drive import from the USA. The car was sold on to Ian Jenkins without any repairs being carried out and is now in the hands of Chris Barnicoat. Another Doretti owner who also recently died is Andrew Davies, a long-time Doretti owner of RLL 279 (Chassis No.1204). Andrew had owned RRL 279 since 1977 and was in the process of an extensive rebuild.

Chassis No.1170, which was initially registered in the UK as 341 DEV, is reported as being for sale. The car has been owned at various times by Anna Philbrick, Mr. McDonald from Ivanhoe, Victoria and Joe Caudo. The car has been fully restored for tarmac rallying and has successfully competed in the Targa Tasmania and Classic Adelaide events winning its class and category in each. A 2.1 litre engine is coupled to a four-speed gearbox c/w overdrive, disc brakes are fitted together with a limited slip differential. The car also has a rollbar, a Terratrip, adjustable bias brakes and chrome wire wheels. Another Doretti has recently been on sale on the US Ebay - Jack Darwichian put up Chassis No.1240 for auction in June 2007.

Derek Pugh has again contacted me with more information about WTB 338, Chassis No.1152, the Doretti with the tilt forward front-end. So thanks to Derek, I will attempt to put together a comprehensive account of the carís history for the next newsletter. I would also appreciate any information about the history, modifications or changes to your present or past Doretti.

Let me know of any address, phone numbers, or e-mail address changes. I would also appreciate any information about modifications or changes to your Doretti.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Swallow Doretti Page, or news and/or information that you want to pass on to me or other Doretti owners then please contact me by post, e-mail or telephone.
 ... Ken Yankey

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