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  July 2007    No.32 Equipo Doretti


From Australia, Mark Winston has contacted me to report that he has recently taken over ownership of Chassis No.1167 from his parents, Ralph and Margaret Winston. They owned the car from about 1964 until this year and it has been garaged at the family home in Adelaide, South Australia for virtually the whole period. Ralph Winston drove the car to work everyday and said there was no sense in having a 'sports car' if you didn't enjoy it. The car was registered as 407 304 since the sixties, but has not been on the road for about the last eight years. Although the car is need of general restoration and it is a long time since the car has been painted, the upholstery is still in original condition although a bit the worse for wear. Mark is now driving the car, which has been re-registered as SD 1954 with South Australian personalised plates. Upgrading the car's condition is part of a '10 year plan', which means Mark will do it when he has the money. When the work is done he has no intention of parting with the Doretti until one of his sons can be trusted with it, about thirty years from now.

The same chassis number of 1167 also appears on the register for another car formerly UK registered as SNH 707. This quite distinctive car had no bumpers, was painted red and trimmed in grey, fitted with aero-screens, equipped with disc brakes and a Shorrock supercharger. Auctioned in 1988 by Christies at the Dutch Motor Museum it was bought by a collector and has disappeared.

A similar anomaly exists for No.1075 owned by James Pechal because a Doretti with the same chassis number was reported to be in Venezuela. The car was said to have a modified rear end and be missing its grille. It now occurs to me that the Venezuelan car could have been exported to Europe and be the heavily modified Doretti reported from Spain.

In France the restoration of Chassis No.1223 is nearing completion. Reno Aquilina, owner of the car, formerly registered in the UK as RLL 271, reports that he is having difficulties with obtaining the windscreen rubber. Baines the rubber extrusion suppliers can source the extrusion (IRS 1406 EP) but have a minimum order of 260 metres but it only needs about 4 metres per screen. Bob Haden obtained some rubber from the USA and reported satisfactory results. However, I'm still awaiting delivery of my order so I can't personally comment on its suitability.

Howard Wood, a potential Doretti owner contacted me to say that he was due to acquire No.1143 but then reluctantly had to tell me that the Anthony Naisbitt had decided NOT to sell the car. Philosophically, Howard says, "Shame for me but good for him." Ken Muhleisen has previously owned the car, which is located in Western Australia, but no further details are known.

This year the International meeting at Malvern will feature 609 CRF, Chassis No.1087, the Motor road-test car. A serious accident resulted in the car requiring extensive bodywork and the partially rebuilt car will be displayed in the main hall.

The proposed Doretti meeting at Icomb Place has unfortunately has to be put on hold until another date can be arranged. For next year Roger Giles has suggested that a Doretti contingent should make the trip to the Classic Le Mans event. If you are interested please let me know.

Once again the Black Country Vehicle Rally for cars and motorcycles has been arranged for Sunday 29th July 2007 at the Black Country Museum, Dudley. This year there will be live music as well as the usual displays. Is anyone interested in attending the rally? For more details contact Jane Allcock on 07789-101-013 or e-mail

Let me know of any address, phone numbers, or e-mail address changes. I would also appreciate any information about modifications or changes to your Doretti.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Swallow Doretti Page, or news and/or information that you want to pass on to me or other Doretti owners then please contact me by post, e-mail or telephone.
 ... Ken Yankey

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