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  May 2007    No.31 Equipo Doretti


From New Zealand, the recent news of the progress on the restoration of 584 DHU, which belonging to John Rummery, gives the distinct impression that the pace is gathering speed as it approaches the final stages of a total rebuild. John reports that he drove the Doretti home from the panel-shop and it has now got 55 miles on the clock. The internal upholstery, hood and side curtains still remain to be done together with the wiring for the head and taillights. Then it will be fitting the bumpers and finishing a myriad of little things and it will be done. Things are going well and will get better with the rough edges (so to speak) refined - so for John, the end is in sight.

Mike Nagreave, a co-owner of No.1196, UVK 775, is another frequent correspondent who also owns a Swallow Gadabout. The car, presently undergoing restoration, has now been painted in a specially chosen shade of BRG. During the rebuild, a batch of new rubber seals were ordered from the USA and some may still be available.

George Niblett the new owner of VBH 369, No.1257 (bought from Roger Giles) is in the process of having some work done on the car by Steve Hall of TR Enterprises. When George acquired the car it was on aero screens but now he has had a windscreen fitted, however he needs side screens. He does not have any photos and has never seen a car fitted with them. Is there anyone with a Doretti in the Nottingham area he could arrange to view?

One of the cars whose early history is very unclear is Chassis No.10001, currently registered as 181 YNY. It is known that the vehicle was first registered in 1961 as BOB 123 and seems to have spent some time in South Wales during the mid-60s. Bob Holmes, Tony Hickling and Stephen Matthews and are among the past owners. Phil Rudge, another former owner of No.10001, recently contacted me to tell me he had no luck in getting in touch with the current owner. I had previously asked Phil for some pictures and his recollections of the car. Phil sent a photo and said he could offer nothing more apart from what appeared in his articles in Classic and Sports Car. As far as Phil could recall, he bought the car from a guy in the Midlands (possibly Tony Hickling) and it never had a hood. Many journeys were done in the pouring rain because the Doretti was his only form of transport at the time. He concluded, I wish I still had the Doretti, but that's life.

Chassis No.1011 was advertised for sale in the March 2007 issue of Classic and Sports Car. The left hand drive car, restored in 2002 by Otto Arwed, is described as being in excellent condition and never been accident damaged or suffered from corrosion. The asking price is 42000 Euros. For more information contact Tel:0049-6352-4508 (Germany).

Over the years that I have been keeping track of cars on the Doretti register, a pool of 'unidentified' vehicles have accumulated. A Doretti is defined as 'unidentified' when its chassis number is not known. For example, I often come across photographs where the registration number is clearly visible but no other information is available. Or someone will tell me about a car they used to own and just recall part of the registration number or when it was sold. When this happens, the information is kept in an individually numbered index card system that can be sorted and matched. At the present time I'm looking for any details about the location /disposition or the past / present owners of the following cars; 717 CRE, KSK 500, TKA 312, DHU 486, PXW 475, LNV 389 and RUP 216. Any information at all would be appreciated.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Swallow Doretti Page, or news and/or information that you want to pass on to me or other Doretti owners then please contact me by post, e-mail or telephone.
 ... Ken Yankey

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