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  April 2006    No.27 Equipo Doretti


In the 1977 spring issue of the TR Register Newsletter, Alex Pringle wrote," In view of the small number of Dorettis still surviving, probably no more than three dozen it seems high time that a sort of group-cum-register for the Doretti should be formed within the TR Register to preserve the 'big cousin' of the TR2." Well, thanks to Alex and his forward-looking idea, I'm pleased to report that almost thirty years on, the Swallow Doretti Register is a thriving group of enthusiasts who enjoy their cars and meeting socially. Between fifty and sixty Dorettis exist today in the UK with 26 of them in a roadworthy condition. A similar number of cars also exist in the USA.

At 7.30am on a wet Sunday morning in February, Alan Gibb and two friends arrived at Knutsford services on the M6 after a 300-mile drive from Aberdeen in a Transit van. I joined the trio and we headed south for the Triumph Spares Day at Stoneleigh Park. After a pre-arranged meeting with Dave Saunders to exchange photos and information, I was pleasantly surprised to meet up with Bernhard Ruest owner of No.1147 (PON 419) the ex-Duncan Rabagliati car. Bernard had come over from Switzerland to buy parts for his car and to visit the previous owner, Tim Bishop. Paul Webb, Maurice Ford and Peter Lockley also attended the show and were able to help Bernhard with his many questions. After a full day at Stoneleigh it was time to hit the M6 north - I was dropped off at Knutsford around 7.00pm while the three from Aberdeen eventually arrived home at 1.00am Monday morning. That's dedication to the cause!

Robert Haden and Mike Nangreave, co-owners of No.1196, have recently been in contact to report that the car will soon be on its way from Inverness to Bristol for a paint job and final finishing. Robert has also been following up a lead on windscreen rubber and wonders how much demand there is for the seals. Let me know if you are interested and I will pass on the information.

609 CRF (No.1087), the 1954 Motor road-test vehicle, proudly displayed at the 50th celebration by Albert Norrington is now back in the hands of John Aitkin. Which reminds me that a couple of years ago, Ian Penrose wrote to say that in 1966 he bought 609 CRF, which he had completely restored. He then bought TEL 97 from his old schoolmaster and had it part restored. Ian also bought another Doretti from Willesden for parts. In the same year a friend, Howard Gosling, who lived in the same village bought 610 CRF, the Autocar road-test car.

The 2006 Black Country Vehicle Rally is to be held at the Black Country Living Museum in Tipton, on Sunday 30th July. The rally has established itself as the premier event in the West Midlands for vehicles manufactured in the Black Country. In 2005 the Swallow Doretti marque was represented by three vehicles, and hopefully we can do even better in 2006. Last year in addition to free entrance to the rally there was complimentary refreshments and access to the Museum and its many attractions free of charge.

Finally, another request for you to send me a few notes about the progress of your rebuild or any modifications you have made to your car.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Swallow Doretti Page, or news and/or information that you want to pass on to me or other Doretti owners then please contact me by post, e-mail or telephone.
 ... Ken Yankey

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