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  February 2006    No.26 Equipo Doretti


It is now over fifty years since car production ceased at the Walsall Airport factory. The aircraft hanger that once housed the works has disappeared and been replaced with a huge ubiquitous industrial shed. Similarly all production records also appear not to have survived the sudden demise of the Swallow Doretti. Over a number of years, I have been collecting information about many of the cars built in order to compile as complete a record of production as possible. It now seems to me that 2006 would be an appropriate time to put together an analysis of the data collected and try to summarise Doretti production.

To help the final push for information, I have revised the Gallery to make it a Cars and Owners section. Chassis number, owner and location list all the known vehicles. If your Doretti is not listed or "No picture available" is indicated, please send me a photo and details of your car. Should you wish me to delete or make any changes to your car's write-up just let me know. Provision has also been made for past and present owners to share their Doretti-related info/photos via links from their individual listing to their own dedicated pages.

Being the registrar of a derivative has the advantage of only having to deal with a relatively small number of cars, but the disadvantage of having a limited pool of information to draw upon. When I first became involved with the Doretti, through contact with Jim Williams, I found it difficult to locate information about the marque. Eventually, by constantly following up every lead I was able to build up a collection of Doretti literature. The website evolved to reach out further to contact people who might have previously owned a Doretti and were just curious to find out its fate. From the beginning, I felt that it was better not to try to cover one topic in depth but rather to have a sprinkling of interesting items and let the site develop its own direction. As the site has established an identity it has attracted many users and generated a lot of correspondence. I appreciate very much the contributions that many other people have made to the site but would welcome more material to expand the coverage of this website and also the Swallow Doretti Registrar's report in the TRaction magazine.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Swallow Doretti Page, or news and/or information that you want to pass on to me or other Doretti owners then please contact me by post, e-mail or telephone.
 ... Ken Yankey

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