NEWSLETTER NO.12 - October 2002

Returning home from the Gold Cup festival at Oulton Park, in the Doretti, I experienced a total loss of power. The reason - a neglected gauze filter in the fuel pump that had become blocked. Fortunately the incident happened on a pleasant summer evening just a mile from home but it would have been a different story on a wet dark night. Check your filter now.

Jim Williams also showed up at the HSCC-organised Gold Cup meeting in DTC 233 his pristine white Doretti which attracted a lot of attention from many people. Among the interested visitors to our local car club display was a Peter Wilson who recalled owning VTN 493, Chassis No. 1264, in the early 1960's after it was sold by Brian Jenkinson. Chassis 1264 was metallic grey with a maroon hood, tonneau cover and matching trim. The first owners Mr and Mrs Hayman of Newcastle-upon-Tyne had the bonnet modified to incorporate two air-scoops for and aft. These opening fitted with Morris Oxford Mk II heater intake grilles, were intended to provide better cockpit cooling on long journeys, but they also gave the car a more purposeful look than the standard bonnet. The current owner is in the process of rebuilding the car.

I am sorry to report that progress on the fabrication of the grille surrounds moves forward, but only at an extremely slow rate. The first test pressing has been done and I am hopeful that things will speed up very soon. To the many of you waiting patiently for grilles I apologise and hope that production gets underway in the near future.

As part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Doretti I am putting together a history of each vehicle currently on the register. Information for many cars is still required so if you are aware of some past history that I might not have on record, please contact me. A few anomalies (such as two cars claiming to have the same chassis number) have been noted and will be checked out.

Thank you to the owners who have written to me recently, I am still trying to catch up with my mail after a hectic few weeks of moving vehicles and equipment into an ever decreasing amount of space at home. Finally - keep the letters coming and send pictures of your Doretti.

Ken Yankey
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