Newsletter No.11 - September 2002

The basic objective of any car manufacturer is to build and sell cars and through the years different ideas have been used to catch the buyer's attention, get him or her interested, and to finally buy the car. Printed material was probably the most commonly used method of promotion but because of the relatively brief period that the Doretti was in production, sales promotion material is fairly limited. Two versions of a 25 x 18.5 cm. four page colour folder were produced and at least one glossy 23 x 14 cm. black and white, single sheet double-sided item published. There was also a four page reprint of the October 8, 1954 Autosport road test report. None of these items were dated or coded. Numerous advertisements appeared in a number of car magazines and Country Life carried various adverts for the Swallow Coachbuilding Company ranging from the Gadabout scooter to the Doretti.

It seems that the Doretti is more appreciated in mainland Europe than in the UK. Just recently two more cars have been exported, one to Switzerland and the other to France. Chassis No.1147 (PON 419), previously owned by Josie Bishop and Duncan Rabagliati, was bought by Bernhard Ruest of Switzerland, while the other Doretti, Chassis No. 1223 (RLL 271), a car formerly owned by Keith Turner ended up in France with new owner Reno Aquilina.

Bill Campbell of Mesa, Arizona, USA who owns Chassis No.1033 has recently been in contact to say that he has put the car up for sale. Meanwhile in Germany, Chassis No.1019, a black LHD car imported from the USA has been acquired by Dieter Heckmann.

John Rummery, a keen enthusiast who lives in New Zealand, has come up with a couple of items that should be of interest to other owners. The first is a full-size cotton sewn replica of the Doretti bonnet badge priced at 5, or US$10, or Aust$12 each. Also available is a peaked cap complete with the badge which sells for 10, or US$20, or Aust$25 each, postage included. Payment is required with an order (a personal cheque is OK). John's postal address is R.D.9, Whangarei, New Zealand. Or he can be reached by e-mail at <rumbo@replicore.co.nz>

Despite having a selection of pictures of 717 CRE I am still looking for some positive information about this Doretti. The car was fitted with a Perspex windscreen, wheel-spats and a small wind deflector below the front shroud, no bumpers were installed. If anyone can provide me with some background or history of the car it would be greatly appreciated. A photograph of the car at the Stapleford Hill Climb, published in October 1954, may provide a clue. Are there any existing records of the events held at Stapleford? If so, who currently has access to them?

I am hoping to be able to put together a souvenir booklet for the fiftieth anniversary event next year, but I do need your help. I do not care what condition your car is in, it just has to be a Doretti. If you want to have your car included just tell me how long you have had it, why you bought it, what you like to do with it, what your future plans are for it, the best journeys you have made in it, or any problems you may have had with it.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the Swallow Doretti Page, or news and/or information that you want to pass on to me or other Doretti owners then please e-mail me at ken@doretti.co.uk

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