NEWSLETTER No. 3 - May 2001

Having recently taken over the post of Swallow Doretti Registrar, with the TR Register, I've been busy going through the records in order to familiarize myself with the cars and their owners. Cyril Harvey, who looked after the interests of Doretti owners for many years, has said that he will continue to contribute articles to the TR Register magazine TRaction on various topics of interest.

When 2003 arrives, it will have been 50 years since the prototype Doretti was completed and shipped to California for evaluation. I know that 2003 is quite a while into the future, but I would like to give the many owners working on restorations, plenty of warning of the Golden Anniversary celebration that will be held at the TR Register International Weekend at Malvern in 2003.

On Sunday 10th June 2001, a visit to the Brooklands Festival of British Sportscars will make an interesting day out for those of you who enjoy an eclectic mix of marques. Two weeks later on the 24/25th June a Doretti is wanted for a display and cavalcade at the 50th anniversary of Snetterton.

Last month Christian Hartmann reported that he had acquired Chassis No.1152 from Gmunden in Austria. This vehicle originally had the UK registration number WTB 338 but it seems to have had a somewhat confused past that warrants further investigation. The car has a modified tilt-forward front body-shell, no bumpers, TR6 steel disc wheels, and the body color is cream. Does anyone have some definitive information about the construction of this car or its early history?

Kathy Mortensen, who lives in Florida, has contacted me with the news that Chassis No.1092 is now back on the road after being laid up for many years. Meanwhile in Georgia, the lucky owner of Chassis No.1079 is driving around in a car that was completely restored by Bill Farr of Surrey Motorsports.

Just recently, Simon Brooks mentioned that he was in need of hub-caps and badges for LDP 107 (chassis 1155) which has been uprated by Neil Revington. Amongst other things, the car now has rack and pinion steering, disc brakes with servo assistance, and an electric fan. Does anyone else want hub-caps or badges?

Bonnet badges are still available from Pamela David Enamels at Tel: 01769-520536

Doretti owners in the USA why not get your car out and participate in British Car Week 2001. The annual event takes place the last full week in May (19th-27th) and is intended to give classic British car owners an opportunity to let the public see how the cars have been preserved and maintained. This annual week is as close as you'll get to re-creating the wonderful motoring days of the past. So grab your goggles and top up your dashpots, it's time to have some fun. If you want more information contact Scott Helms by e-mail at Trmgafun@aol.com.

Over the years that I've been keeping track of the cars on the Doretti register I have accumulated a pool of what I call 'unidentified' vehicles. A Doretti is defined as 'unidentified' when its chassis number is not known. For example, I often come across photographs where the registration number is clearly visible but no other information is available. Or someone will tell me about a car they used to own and just recall part of the registration number or when it was sold. When this happens, the bits of information are kept on individual numbered index cards that can be sorted and matched. At the present time I'm looking for any details about the location /disposition or the past / present owners of the following cars; 717 CRE, KSK 500, TKA 312, DHU 486, 64 GPE, PXW 475, LNV 389 and RUP 216. Any information at all would be appreciated

... Ken Yankey

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