NEWSLETTER No. 1 - February 2000

Early in November 1999, Alan Gibb and Richard Larter came down from Scotland to Cheshire to meet up with me, Ken Yankey, for the beginning of the annual Doretti pilgrimage to Oxfordshire. After a late night, we made an early start for a quick stop in Birmingham for Alan to drop off a fifth-wheel coupling at a haulage firm and then stopped by Moss Spares to buy some parts.

We then met up with Maurice Ford at his workshop in Leamington Spa. Maurice is rebuilding NBC 742 (chassis no.1160) for Peter Lockley and making an extremely good job of it. Eventually Peter showed up and we got down to a serious discussion about various aspects of the rebuild. Working on Peter's car has inspired Maurice to persuade Cyril Harvey to sell him RRH 389 (chassis no.1098) a car which has been off the road for a number of years. The partially dismantled car is in need of a complete restoration, but it shouldn't present any significant problems for Maurice.

After a fast run to Bristol the next pre-arranged stop was at Flax Bourton, to see Simon Brooks who bought LDP 107 (chassis no.1155) from Ted Bailey last September. Simon is enjoying having a Doretti again, having last owned one back in 1965. That car was MFH 924 (chassis no.1151), one of two Doretti sports cars now owned by Peter Billington. Simon wants a replacement front grille and four hub-caps and badges. If anybody else needs any of these items let me know and I'll look into costing re-manufactured parts.

The final leg of the day was to Didcot for an overnight stop and a few well deserved beers.

Sunday morning saw us at the TR Register HQ. While Alan and Richard attended the Group Leaders meeting I used the day to browse through the archives looking for any Doretti related material. I was particularly impressed with the way that Bill Piggott had organised the whole of the resources, very much improved over what was in evidence the last time I visited a few years ago.

On the Sunday evening we called in to see the Doretti Registrar, Cyril Harvey, and compared notes.

With regard to the actual register of cars, I'm still trying to locate or confirm the final disposition of the following cars.

Chassis No.1031 engine no.TS954E, last reported to be in California.
Chassis No.1049, in 1998 this car was restored in the USA and then exported to Japan.
Chassis No.1063, last reported to have been exported from the USA to Belgium.
Chassis No.1103, reported to have been sold to Sri Lanka from the USA in 1977.
Chassis No.1139, UK registration no.919 DRE.
Chassis No.1145, UK registration no.LDK 965, sold by Duncan Rabagliati.

Gerard Hill the owner of 720 CRF has been in contact via e-mail, with regard to some confusion that has arisen over "Chassis No.107X" that was listed in an old register document that I inherited.

Gerard also tells me that he hopes to have his car restored and back on the road for April 2001.

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... Ken Yankey

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