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Right at the end of Swallow Doretti production, Frank Rainbow designed and built a Mark II Doretti called the Sabre. The new model incorporated many improvements which would have made the Doretti an even better car. These modifications included a stiffer chassis constructed of square section tubing, more passenger room for children, wind-up windows and other small refinements. Click on any photo to see a larger version, or follow the links for more information.

Mark II Doretti - Chassis No. DVL-2 Chassis No. DVL-2
Location: Canada

64 GRE was the original registration number of the Mark II (Sabre) Doretti which was restored by Peter Lord in 19xx. More information and pictures are to be found at Chassis No. DVL-2.

Mark II Doretti - Chassis No. DVL-3 Chassis No. DVL-3
Location: UK

60 HRF is a Mark II (Sabre) Doretti which was restored by Mike Jennings. The car has disc brakes, wind-up windows, a larger cockpit and boot, a hardtop, and a different front grille. Previous owners have included David Wynn-Smith and Nigel Tilley. Further details and photos can be found at Chassis No. DVL-3.

Mark II Doretti - Chassis No. 10001 Chassis No. 10001
Location: UK

YNY 181 is another Mark II (Sabre) Doretti that is said to have been built in 1954 for Standard-Triumph and was first registered as BOB 123 in 1961. The car is reported to have been used by Triumph as a test vehicle, possibly for different set-ups because it was easier to modify than the then current TR. More information is to be found at Chassis No.10001.

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