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Chassis No.1270 Chassis No.1270  Arnaud Savoye de Puineuf
Location: France

RGW 691 was owned by David Gibson of Telford from 1972 to 2011 and the previous owner was Ian Forrester of London SE1.
Some years ago the vehicle's floors were replaced with galvanized steel and new sills were made and fitted. At this time the body was removed, some minor repairs made to the steel inner-body and the car was then resprayed.
After Arnaud acquired the car in late 2011 it underwent a complete mechanical overhaul and a new overdrive gearbox was installed. The car is now registered in France as CE-589-QY.

Chassis No.1273 Chassis No.1273  Louis & Jesse Maroya
Location: New South Wales, Australia

The original owner of No.1273 was Jack Davey - an early radio and TV star who arrived in Australia from New Zealand in 1931. His subsequent broadcasting career saw him dominating the airwaves of Australia for many years. The car was rescued "from the grave" in 1988 and the restoration by Louis was completed in 2000. Click here for another picture of the car.

No picture available Chassis No.1275  Phil Hamilton
Location: New South Wales, Australia

No information reported in recent years.

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