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No picture available Chassis No.1080  Tom Stubbs
Location: Arkansas, USA

Tom is also reported to own Chassis No.1156.

Chassis No.1081 Chassis No.1081  Tom Householder
Location: Ohio, USA

Vehicle purchased by Tom in July 1984. Previous owners include Luke Terci and Mike Furlong of New York state.

Chassis No.1083 Chassis No.1083  Frédéric Lelievre
Location: France

The previously metallic blue car with a black interior was exported from the United States to Monaco. A previous American owner is reported to have been Michael Sender.

No picture available Chassis No.1084  Arthur Sullivan
Location: USA

Art Sullivan has owned Chassis No.1084 on-and-off since 1967 when he was 16 years old. When Art went into the military he gave the Doretti to Tom Henry, a close friend, who did a full mechanical rebuild. After the car was returned to Art it was used as a weekender for several years and is now being rebuilt as one of five projects. Hopefully it will be on the VSCCA circuit in the near future.

Chassis No.1087 in 1954 Chassis No.1087  John Aitken
Location: UK

609 CRF is a well known registration number because the vehicle was used by the Motor magazine for its September 15th 1954, road-test. The article described the Swallow Doretti as being a "fully-equipped sports car which offers comfort, 100mph performance, low running costs and delightful road manners".
See Chassis No.1087 for more information.

610 CRF Chassis No.1088 Chassis No.1088  Kevin Joffe
Location: UK

610 CRF was the Autocar magazine road-test car. The test concluded that, "the Swallow Doretti is a neat and compact two-seater sports car which has a very lively performance together with a very satisfactory fuel consumption". See Chassis No.1088 for more information.

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