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Chassis No.1041 Chassis No.1041  Daniel A. Morris
Location: USA

The late, Cdr. L D Vaughan, USN (Rtd.) was the proud owner of this car when the picture was taken in Hawaii. For more information about this car see Chassis No.1041.

Chassis No.1042 Chassis No.1042  Dieter Krämer
Location: Germany

An early owner was reported to be Paul Morel of Hollywood, California - exported from USA circa 1977. Arrived in Germany via Eddie de Heus of the Netherlands.
Dieter also owns Chassis Nr.1181 which was another ex-Eddie de Heus vehicle.

Chassis No.1043 Chassis No.1043 
Location: Unknown

The present disposition of Chassis 1043 is unknown. Tom Householder reports that the car was sold circa 1974 by Al Stephens of Forest Grove, Oregon.
Lyza Danger Gardener posted this scan of a slide of her mom in her dad's Doretti taken around 1979 in front of possibly the Coast Range west of Portland in Washington, USA.

Chassis No.1044 Chassis No.1044  Gérard Lapostolle & André Mark
Location: France

Vehicle exported from USA in March 2014. Previous US owner Pat Chancellor. Vehicle presently under restoration.

Chassis No.1045 Chassis No.1045  Herb Miranda
Location: Texas, USA

This Swallow Doretti was my first car which I bought in 1968 from a military serviceman in Berkeley, California. It's spent the last twenty-five years off the road and I'm now thinking about a restoration. ...Herb Miranda
For more information about this car see Chassis No.1045.

Chassis No.1047 Chassis No.1047  Ted Keyes
Location: USA

63,000 original miles, vehicle awaiting restoration.

Chassis No.1048 Chassis No.1048  Larry Zottarelli
Location: USA

Larry bought the Doretti in 1963 from Rose Wardell, widow of the former owner (John Wardell), of Sunland, California. The car was used for five years before being laid up until 2010 ,when it was re-commisioned with the help and encouragement of Ray Bragassa, owner of Chassis No.1039. More of the history of this unique car can be found at Chassis No.1048

Chassis No.1049 Chassis No.1049  Minako Takamori
Location: Japan

This was Alan Simon's first Doretti which he bought in 1964. He used it through dental school for a total of 50,000 miles. The car was wrecked in 1969. After being re-built in 1994 by Pete Petrov of Venice, California it was exported to Japan.

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