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Chassis No.1001 Chassis No.1001  Ardell Brown
Location: Utah, USA

This first production Doretti is now located in Utah and still looks to be in excellent condition. Ardell Brown the present owner of the car says that, "I purchased the car in 1979 from a man named Ken Halderman in Salt Lake City, Utah. He had inherited the car from his brother who had actually purchased it new in Los Angeles. According to some pictures that I have, the original color was white. When I got the car it was a dark green. I have since painted the car red, as it appears in the pictures."   ... Ardell Brown
More information about the car can be found in the The First Production Swallow Doretti article.

Chassis No.1002 Chassis No.1002  No longer exists
Location: USA

Car wrecked and returned to Cal Sales in November 1954. TRH has vehicle's sidescreens.

Chassis No.1007 Chassis No.1007  Alan Simon
Location: California, USA

Alan's pride and joy was featured in the Spring 2000 issue of Moss Motoring in an article by Albert Escalente. A previous owner of the car was Al Stephens.
For more details about the restoration of this car see Albert's complete writeup in
A California Restoration.

Chassis No.1007 Chassis No.1009  Bob Lee
Location: USA

Doretti chassis with no engine or transmission, but fitted with an American fibreglass coupé body.
Reported by Bob Lee in February 2005.

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