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Chassis No.1014 Chassis No.1014
Location: USA

Chassis No.1014 started life as a left-hand drive vehicle, originally exported by the factory to the USA, where the first owner was Robert Dessall of Upland, California.

In 1990 the car was exported from the USA to Australia. Between 2006 and 2009 the car was subjected to a full restoration and conversion to right-hand drive by Paul and Warren McEwen.

After a brief period of ownership by Gosford Classic Cars of West Gosford, NSW, the car is reported to have been exported back to the USA.

Chassis No.1097 Chassis No.1097   Martin Ackland
Location: QLD, Australia

Martin Ackland acquired the Chassis No.1097 in March 1969 while living in Adelaide. The car was used on the road and for some track-work until 1972 when it was put on blocks pending a restoration. Twenty-eight years later the car was shipped to Brisbane to be restored then painted blue metallic to match the Doretti brochure cover vehicle.
Further details and pictures of the rebuild can be seen in an Australian Restoration

Chassis No.1126 in 1989 Chassis No.1126
Location: UK

The restoration of Chassis No.1126 was eventually completed by Paul McEwen and his brother Warren after the car was off the road for many years.
A previous owner, David Mackie, says "My father bought the car in about 1978 and I got the car off him in 1993. Since then I have been very slowly working on a full rebuild. The car was very original, but had a hard life. When I started pulling the outer body panels off, I found that damage to the inner tub had been badly repaired in the past and some rust was creeping in. So the restoration process was taking a bit longer than anticipated. " ... David Mackie

Vehicle exported to the UK in 2018.

Chassis No.1143 in 2007 Chassis No.1143  Angelo Fiora
Location: WA, Australia

Previous owners include Howard Wood, Ken Muhleisen and Anthony Naisbitt.
Under restoration in 2007.

Chassis No.1167 Chassis No.1167  Glen Coutinho
Location: SA, Australia

Originally from South Africa, (before1966). In 1998 Robert Bradley reported the car as being in Adelaide, Australia. Since then Mark Winston has been in contact and provided more details of the car's history.
For more information see Chassis No.1167

Chassis No.1168 Chassis No.1168  John Tiballs
Location: Australia

The original owner of Chassis No.1168 was Ediss Boyes. Vehicle has been off the road for many years, but still exists unrestored. Other owners include Authur Twining, Heather Dodge, Steve Foster, Alan Tiballs and John Tiballs the current owner.
Thanks to Paul McEwen for vehicle identification.

Chassis No.1170 Chassis No.1170  Andrew & Lauren McCracken
Location: Australia

Olive Clearly was the original UK owner of Chassis No.1170 until the early 1960s. The next recorded owner was Anna Philbrick of Ringwood, Reading until the the car was sold and shipped to Australia in 1983. The car was imported by Jim McDonald of Victoria, then it went to Phil Hamilton of Ocean Shores, NSW, thence to Don Scott in Kalgoorlie WA who intended a full restoration but it never materialized.
Joe Caudo purchased Chassis No.1170 in 1993 and totally rebuilt the car for rally purposes. Andrew and Lauren have owned the car since 2008.
Thanks to Andrew McCracken for some information.

Chassis No.1195 Chassis No.1195  Mahommed Elatam
Location: NSW, Australia

Purchased new in Invercargill, New Zealand by Reg Cook (6th Sept 1955) Reg.No. AR-9162. Subsequently exported to Australia from New Zealand. A previous owner was Brian Marsland.

Chassis No.1198 Chassis No.1198  Chris & Merin Olson
Location: NSW, Australia

Imported to New Zealand from Singapore around 1960. Then exported from NZ to Australia in 1986 by Chris Olsen. In 2004 a two-year full body-off restoration was completed.
More pictures of the car appear in An Australian Hardtop

Chassis No.1198 Chassis No.1205   Warren McEwen
Location: NSW, Australia

Chassis No.1205 was originally purchased new by Steve Stuart and sold later to Lorraine Hill of Bowrai. In 1963 she traded the car and it was bought by George Parlby who sold it in 1966. Unfortunately there's no record of ownership until 1972 when it was bought at auction in a damaged condition by Les Taylor of Sydney, who planned to repair and race the car.
The car was completely stripped down, and then due to a long and terminal illness, it lay neglected in the open for 36 years until bought by Warren McEwen.
For more information and pictures see Lorraine Hill.

No picture available Chassis No.1253  Greg Dell
Location: Australia

Previous owners include Athol Hillard, Gary Hazell and Gloria Strahan.

Chassis No.1261 Chassis No.1261  Paul McEwen
Location: ACT, Australia

Paul McEwen, who maintains a register of Doretti vehicles in Australia, has owned this car since 1972.
In 1976, Chassis No.1261, received a ground-up rebuild and has been continually road registered since then.

Paul says he has, "tried to trace the history of the car, but it seems to be cloaked in mystery." A previous owner of Chassis No.1261 was Jim Kennedy 1967

Chassis No.1262 Chassis No.1262  Malcolm Stewart
Location: TAS, Australia

Previous owners include Bruce Hills and David Bantoft.

For more information and pictures see Saving No.1262 by David Bantoft.

Chassis No.1263 Chassis No.1263  Jim & Maria Kennedy
Location: NSW, Australia

Chassis No.1263, bought by Jim in 1976, is the second Doretti which Jim has owned. The first car was No.1261 which was one of six new Swallow Doretti roadsters imported into Sydney on 12th. February 1955 by Standard Motors.
After Jim bought the "sad-example" of a Doretti in 1976, the car went on blocks until time and funds permitted the necessary total rebuild which started in 1991. Restoration as an original usable car - not a concours winner, was completed in 1997.

Chassis No.1269 Chassis No.1269
Location: UK

Restoration recently completed in Australia by Paul and Warren McEwen. Vehicle exported to the UK in 2018.

Chassis No.1273 Chassis No.1273  Louis & Jesse Maroya
Location: NSW, Australia

The original owner of No.1273 was Jack Davey - an early radio and TV star who arrived in Australia from New Zealand in 1931. His subsequent broadcasting career saw him dominating the airwaves of Australia for many years. The car was rescued "from the grave" in 1988 and the restoration by Louis was completed in 2000. Click here for another picture of the car.

No picture available Chassis No.1275  Phil Hamilton
Location: NSW, Australia

No information reported in recent years.

No picture available Chassis No.1290
Location: VIC, Australia

Vehicle reported to have been exported from the USA to Australia by R.P. Bradley, 2/2/1999.
Reported vehicle location Stawell, Victoria. No subsequent information available.

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